Service Providers

Home Insurance:

Having the right insurance agent can make all the difference in the world! No two agents evaluate a property the same and no two companies quote the same figures. In many cases, the cost for the exact same coverage can vary greatly and make a dramatic difference in a buyers monthly payment. It is in every buyer’s best interest to obtain several quotes from many different companies and then ask those companies to beat the best rate they’ve found. 😉 Companies such as Allen and Smith Insurance, South Group Insurance, etc. compare several small company brands and large brand names to find their clients the best quote possible. Below are some of the most knowledgeable and diligent insurance agents we tend to work with time and time again.

*** If your property is in a flood zone, the flood insurance can most likely be assumed by the seller. Homeowners and Wind & Hail insurance can not be assumed and vary depending on the buyers age, amount they are insuring, etc. If you are NOT in a flood zone, you do not have to purchase flood insurance but you can still obtain flood insurance for a very low cost.


Cale Merrill

United Risk Agency

Cell: 228.283.0941



Tracy F Arnold

South Group Insurance

Cell: 228.205.2498



Ashton Serpas

Pyron Coastal Insurance



Closing Attorney:

The closing attorney you choose plays a crucial role in your transaction. They perform the title examination for the property, correct any title issues they find, write title insurance, handle legal issues associated with the transaction that may come up, conduct the closing, and file the deed. This is not a service you want to “bargain hunt” for. Many clients have asked if they can use their family attorney. The answer is yes, but we HIGHLY recommend you use an attorney that specializes in real estate closings and who is well versed in MS real estate law. Picking an attorney that doesn’t specialize in this type of law increases the risk that items on your title exam may be overlooked or errors with your closing may be made. Those errors could lead to BIG problems and major expense after closing. Selecting the right attorney for the job will help you avoid future costs to correct missed issues and will allow you to rest easy, knowing that your closing was handled properly.


Schwartz, Orgler, and Jordan

12206 Hwy 49 Gulfport MS 39503

Schwartz, Orgler, and Jordan Attorney Profiles


Gulfport Office: 228.832.8550

Biloxi Office: 228.388.7441


Pilger Title


Bay St Louis Office: 228.231.1588

Gulfport Office: 228.284.4832

Ocean Springs Office: 228.215.0011

Gautier Office: 228.205.3982

Picayune Office: 601.229.0978


The Casano Law Firm

4403 W.  Aloha Dr. Diamondhead, MS 39525


Diamondhead Office: 228.255.0035


…A side note about title insurance

Some attorneys, especially those who are not real estate attorneys, will tell buyers that purchasing title insurance is unnecessary. This is far from the truth! Title insurance insures against financial loss from defects in title work such as invalid foreclosures or missed mortgage payoffs. Ending up in a lawsuit due to a title that was incorrectly recorded many years ago is no fun and it can happen to anyone. We have seen it firsthand many times, don’t let it happen to you!

Home inspector:


Randy Westrick

ProSpect – Inspections

Cell: 228.365.5454


We have personally used Randy Westrick during the purchase of our home and commercial building. In our experience, every client who has ever hired Randy says he is the most thorough home inspector they have ever used. His reports tend to be so thorough, they can be a little frightening but Randy is always available to answer any questions.

Wood Destroying Termite Inspector:

In the state of MS, a WDIR is required to close. If the buyer pays for this inspection, they will choose the termite inspector.  Typically a WDIR cost less than $50 and its a one time inspection completed 10 days before closing. Below is BJ Ledet with FDL, one of the most affordable WDIR inspectors on the Gulf Coast. He also offers competitive yearly termite contracts.

** If the home you are purchasing has a termite contract, it may be assumable, but not matter, a WDIR has to be purchased to close on a home in the state of MS.




Jason Spence


Septic Inspector:

Not every home has a septic tank and not every loan requires a septic inspection. Typically only a VA loan requires a septic inspection if the property has a septic tank.  

Larry with Bond Septic Services 

929 22nd St, Gulfport, MS 39501

Cell: 228.863.0103


Reid & Associates – 228.205.4007

Clifford Crosby – 228.234.1649

Cassady-Acadua – 985.414.2914


General Repairmen:

– Ty Ehle – Cell: 228.224.4510

– Shaun Parker – Cell: 228.546.1174 Licensed Contractor

– Stephen Carlson – Cell: 228.424.5152  Licensed Contractor

– Joe Hernandez – Cell: 228.209-2655


Joe Wells – Cell: 228.239.2832

– Gilbert Rubinsak – Cell: 228.861.0547 ( rewired our completely gutted brokerage in Long Beach )


– Thomas Ancalade – Cell: 504.388.1500

Thomas also has experience with slate roofing.

– Jason Buras – Cell: 228.236.7968

– Chad Tinney – Cell: 832.428.1957


– William Tohfield – Cell: 228.547.9466

Affordable and very good at what he does, Mr. Tohfield is our go-to for flips and simple jobs.

– Shaun Parker – Cell: 228.546.1174 licensed contractor with painters 

– Joe Hernandez – Cell: 228.209.2655

Custom Painter.  Joe painted our office and personal home and distressed our kitchen island, fireplace mental, and bathroom cabinets.

– Rocky  Soldinie – Cell: 228.304.7279


– Royal Flush (Darren) – 228.323.1779

– Jere Shuster- 228.218.4107

HVAC Contractor:

– John Waller – 228.233.5007

– Shaun Parker – Cell: 228.546.1174 licensed contractor 

Land Services:

– Mitch Hardie – Cell: 228.493.0638 ( call or text )

  • Slab Removal
  • Bush Hog
  • Tree Removal
  • Dirt Work
  • Dozer Work
  • Track-hoe Work
  • Grading

Pressure Washing:

– Wiley Mitchell – 228.224.0597

– Ty Ehle – Cell: 228.224.4510

– Shaun Parker – Cell: 228.546.1174 licensed contractor 

– Joe Hernandez – Cell: 228.209.2655