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Statistics You Need To Know

  • Listings that offer a video obtain 403% more inquires. We offer the most advanced video marketing at no extra cost.
  • Listings that are staged sell 30 times faster than non-staged listings – we provide staging at no extra cost.
  • Listings with video and several high-quality photos are ranked higher on real estate search engines such as Zillow (even land listings). We own a real estate photography company and offer 40+ photos for every listing. We care about how many photos we need to best display a property, not the cost of a photo package.
  • The more offers a listing obtains the higher the offers tend to be. We list our homes on over 300 websites to get our listings in front of as many buyers as possible, as quickly as possible, to obtain as many offers as possible.
  • According to statistics, sellers NET 25% more when they use a Realtor. We understand not all Realtors are the same and over 85% of new Realtors drop out of the business in their first 5 years but at NextHome Simplicity we only hire full-time professionals who had dedicated time and money into becoming successful local Realtors. We also train each agent that joins our team no matter if they are brand new or have previous experience we expect our agents to know a certain level of negotiation strategies, best practices, etc.Colby Sambrotto, the Founder of ForSaleByOwner.Com, attempted to sell his home For Sale By Owner. At a list price of 2 million dollars, and after 180 days of no success, Colby decided to list it with Realtor, Jesse Buckler. Jesse sold the home for $150,000 more than the original list price (an increase of 7.5% on the initial listing price – the Realtor paid for himself).

We have strategically designed our company and our marketing plan. In the past decade, marketing has moved almost entirely away from print to digital and is now entering a new phase, “visual.”  These days, a buyer’s first impression of your home is almost completely based on the online photos, video, and information provided via the internet. If a buyer doesn’t like what they see, or worse, if they don’t see your listing at all because it’s buried on the back pages of a website, they are likely to never visit your home in person. But have no fear!

Our mastery of the latest technology, knowledge, and experience of how these digital and visual platforms operate, corporate agreement for agent/listing exclusivity between NextHome and companies such as Zillow, Trulia,, and many others, a strong social media game, and of course a hefty marketing budget, ensures we can gain the widest audience to quickly bring the highest price for your home. When you decide to work with us, your home is much more likely to end up on the front pages of all home-buyer search engines, giving you the best chance to sell your home for the highest price possible. Our marketing plan is designed to provide optimum exposure to attract pre-approved buyers ready to purchase your home as quickly as possible.  In other words, we get results!