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We understand luxury clients who are considering buying or selling a home are looking to do so with the greatest ease while entrusting their agent to expertly guide them through the process. Affluent clients possess an innate desire for something exclusive, someone who recognizes their unique wants and needs. The newest luxury real estate brand in the US, The Casan Collection was specially designed to meet the standards of the market’s top tier and set a new benchmark in luxury real estate.

The Casan Collection applies strict listing standards, and agents that wish to attain the right to list Casan Collection properties must complete in-depth luxury certification training through the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. For homes themselves to qualify for this exclusive collection they must be in the top 10% of their local market.

The client that hires a Casan Collection professional can expect the exceptional service they are accustomed to. They can be confident in the fact that their property will receive the absolute best in terms of available marketing and technology. Their property will also receive global reach marketing on media outlets such as the Robb Report, The Wall Street Journal, and the duPont REGISTRY. Casan Collection clients will receive their property’s weekly online activity reports from these websites as well as Zillow, Realtor.com, and all other major online real estate search portals. Their property will also be entered into Studeo, a software that captures and retains buyer attention with its immersive, sensory experience. A 3D Virtual tour using the Matterport camera (see an example at NHSimplicity.com/Example) will allow potential buyers to experience a first-person tour of the home at a distance on the device of their choosing. An exclusive, single property website will furnish all the details, features, and specifics of their home to potential buyers. Professional staging, professional photos, and a digitally rendered floorplan are just a few more of The Collection’s offerings, and the list goes on.

We are passionate about demonstrating our deep commitment to elevating the luxury client experience and redefining the way luxury real estate is sold. Experience that commitment firsthand by contacting us for your property consultation today.

Below are the Casan requirements and examples of the marketing tools, technology, and experience provided to you by your Casan Realtor.

Matterport 3DVirtual Tours

NextHome Simplicity owners also own UZZI Media, a local, forward-thinking real estate photography company. UZZI Media offers Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, drone photography, short videos, and more. Consumers are gravitating to mobile media and often consume from multiple mediums at one time. With over nine out of ten home buyers beginning their search online and 403%, more inquiries for listings offering video than listings without video, video marketing is becoming key to reaching the largest homebuyer audience available.

Matterport technology is a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real-world location created from 2D imagery and 3D data from the Matterport Pro system. With it, buyers can “walk through” a listing online using their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other media device. This type of technology illustrates the special features buyers are looking for and can entice them to come by for a visit, or sometimes even make an offer without ever having visited the property!

Click Here to Virtually Walk Through 334 St Charles


Staging is a requirement of the Casan Collection. A well-staged home can reach the perfect balance of looking its best while at the same time looking neutral so the buyer can easily visualize themselves living there instead of the current owner. Since non-staged homes on average stay on the market 30 times longer than professionally staged homes, it’s clear… to see why Casan requires staging on vacant homes.

Floor Plan

The data shows a majority of buyers are more likely to spend time looking at a listing with a floor plan compared to one without. With our 3D Matterport camera, we can provide an accurate floorplan of all our Casan listings.


Owning UZZi Media, our real estate photography company, allows us to control our listing media’s quality and quantity. We offer drone photography, still photography, graphic design, short videos, and Matterport 3D. Derek Miller, our head photographer has an amazing eye for quality, and each of our listings receive a generous amount of photos to accurately display the property.

Print Materials

Through NextHome Inc.’s collaboration with Pentagram, the world’s premier design firm, Casan listings utilize premier designs for brochures, postcards, and social media posts that are bound to impress buyers. These pieces are automatically created and professionally printed.


Luxury Yard Signs

NextHome Inc. collaborated with the world’s premier design firm, Pentagram, to conduct significant consumer and competitor research to create our unique luxury Casan signage. The elegant shape, derived from the Casan mark, confidently holds its ground against other signs in the neighborhood. The minimalist approach calls for the use of a listing post only, no frames, a single panel, and a single rider displaying your agent’s information.


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With Studeo, we can showcase your luxury listing through dynamic visuals, picture carousels, animations, and more. This helps us capture and retain the attention of affluent buyers in an immersive, sensory experience.


This is a required global advertising package offered by your Casan Realtor. LUXVT features your listing in top-tier media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, Mansion Global, and duPont REGISTRY. With LUXVT, your listing will receive high-end video tour ads, international ads, and weekly activity reports. See below for more information.

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