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The Future of Real Estate

Real estate is ever changing, but in the past 5 years the industry has drastically changed like never before.  Real estate agents are no longer the “gate keepers” of  information.  With websites like Zillow &, the public has all the information they need about properties at their fingertips. Oftentimes the consumer now knows as much about the property, if not more, than the agent before they make initial contact.

Statistically, upwards of 95% of buyers now find their homes online, and studies now show that people trust online reviews over personal recommendations. Today’s savvy consumers have access to hundreds of reviews and abundant information about local real estate agents. They are researching like never before to find out all they can find about properties and services before ever reaching out to an agent.

Now couple that with the fact that in 2019, over 40% of home buyers were Millennials, Generation Z is now old enough to purchase homes and the largest portion of the active real estate market is below the age of 45.  They think, shop, and communicate differently than the generations before them.

These facts: that who the typical real estate consumer is has greatly changed in the past 5 years, and technology is now moving forward at an exponential pace have created the need for a new kind of brokerage.

James Dwiggins, the CEO and co-founder of NextHome is a third generation real estate entrepreneur.  With experience in both the technology and real estate industries, and a keen awareness of what the real estate industry was lacking, he and his business partner Tei Baishiki envisioned NextHome; a consumer focused brokerage that was forward thinking, tech savvy, and appealed to a new age of buyers and sellers.

Tools and Technologies Offered by NextHome Inc.

Below is a list of tools and technologies that are offered, at no extra cost, to all NextHome agents.

– DocuSign and DocuSign Transaction Room

  • We are a paperless office – everything is stored in the cloud!  This amazing tool allows you to store, view, and edit your contracts, and other documents, from anywhere in the world.  YES, you can truly work from a beach chair in Fiji, on your phone, with DocuSign Transaction Room!

DTR Photo

– Agent Websites with MLS/IDX Access

  • Each NextHome agent receives their own personalized website from NextHome Inc.  Agent websites are similar to the website you are on now, but customized by the agent.  (Customizing a NextHome website is super simple, but NextHome Simplicity offers classes to help agents personalize their website.)simplicity website


– Individual Listing Websites

  • Each time a new NextHome listing goes active, it automatically receives its very own professional website, designed and created by NextHome.  These websites display the listing, price, photos, area map, description, the agents contact information, and more.  This is a great tool to help agents promote a listing with online re-target marketing ads, social media, etc. Clcik HERE to view an example.
  • website photo


– Virtual Assistant | Automated Marketing Package

  • This is one of our many favorite tools.  Within seconds of listing a new property, reducing the price of a property, or selling a property, NextHome sends the listing agent an email with professionally designed postcards, personally branded listing website, social media posts and flyers.  This way, the agent is not spending an exorbitant amount of their time on developing their own marketing.Automative Marketing


– Design Center

  • If an agent wants to design something different than what the Automated Marketing email sends them, the agent has the option to design professional looking postcards, door-hangers, flyers, pamphlets, videos, etc. with NextHome’s easy to use templates in the NextHome intranet’s Design Center.Design Center



– Automated Online Marketing Reports

  • When sellers do not hear from their agent, they can become anxious.  The NextHome Weekly Online Marketing Reports help sellers and agents visually see the online activity of their listing via email, while the property is listed.  The email is sent automatically to both the agent and their client, either weekly or bi-monthly.  It displays exactly how many potential buyers have clicked on their listing from websites such as Zillow,, Trulia,, etc.  Each marketing report breaks down how many clicks the property is obtaining from each individual sales website. It also shows a graph illustrating how well the listing is doing in comparison to other listings in the market and it’s week over week performance.

NLD flyers


– Personalized Text Code Number

  • Every NextHome agent receives their own personalized “text code”.  These text codes can be displayed on an agent’s sign, website, or business card.  The text code allows potential clients to download the agent’s personalized app, or find out more information about an agent’s listing.  Our agents do not use paper flyers – we use digital text codes.  Who wants to get out of their car in the HEAT, RAIN or COLD to grab a wet or missing flyer out of a flyer box?  With text codes, clients have the luxury of staying in their car while obtaining all the listing information, photos and the virtual walkthrough of the property they are sitting in front of.  When a potential client texts the listing agent’s text code, the GPS recognizes their location.  It will automatically send that listing’s information, and the agent’s contact info to the potential client.  BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, the agent will then automatically receive the potential client’s contact information via text.  The text code captures the phone number of the client.

– Signage & Mascot

  • NextHome signage is eye-catching, unique, and trademark protected, but the best part is our Mascot, Luke.  People constantly ask, “What is Luke for?”  Luke is for fun!  He draws additional attention to listing signs, makes a great photo prop or party favor, and everyone enjoys having him in their yard!  Click the photos below.




– Personalized App

  • As mentioned above, every NextHome agent has their very own app.  This app helps capture and retain buyers.  When working with a buyer, they tend to continue looking at properties on websites and apps such as Zillow and Trulia.  If a buyer clicks “more information” while on websites, such as Zillow, Zillow will direct that client to a random local Realtor.  Also, the number one complaint we hear from buyers about websites such as Zillow and Trulia is that the information is inaccurate.  So, if a client is provided an agent’s NextHome personalized app, the buyer can search the MLS for the most up to date information, and the only contact information on the app is the NextHome agent’s contact information.  #BAM


– NextHome Intranet Training Videos

  • NextHome offers training videos of every tool we offer, and the NextHome corporate staff often records videos of the classes held at the NextHome Corporate office.  You can also find videos in the NextHome Intranet on the basics of real estate, what’s changing in the real estate industry, and much more.

– Live NextHome Webinars

  • Our corporate staff offers free webinars of important topics on real estate, marketing, and technology.  Sign ups for these webinars are sent via email, weeks in advance, so that agents can schedule time to participate.

– NextHome PodCast

  • Yes, NextHome has its own PodCast.  Our very own and very entertaining Vice President, Imran Poladi, hosts the NextHome PodCast.

– NextHome’s Annual Conference, Awards Ceremony, and O21 Party

  • Several of NextHome Simplicity’s agents have won multiple, national awards from NextHome.  Even if you are not an award winner, participation at the conference is always educational, enlightening, and a BLAST!  The conference, awards ceremony, and O21 party are all in the same week at random locations within the US.  The 2020 conference will be held in Orlando, Florida.

Perks Unique to NextHome Simplicity

– Transaction Coordinator

  • We have noticed that Transaction Coordinators tend to be a high turnover position when hired by a single real estate agent.  They are a blessing during busy season, but when you can’t keep them busy, they tend to find another job.  With that said, NextHome Simplicity decided to hire a licensed TC on staff.  Our TC is available to handle and coordinate our agent’s transactions, so they can do what they do best, sell!  If our agents choose to use our “In-House TC”, they have the option of not touching a single piece of paper during the transaction.  Our Transaction Coordinator will handle writing offers, listings, contracts, obtaining client signatures, coordinating inspections, sending contracts to attorneys, etc.  All the agent needs to do is review.

– Award Winning Agents

  • They say, “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”, so as a real estate agent why not surround yourself with other excellent, top producing, driven agents?  Many of NextHome Simplicity’s agents are local and national award winning Realtors.  Andrew Geotes, our responsible Broker, is a state certified appraiser, a local top producing “round table” award winner, and a national award winner.  His sales team beat out teams in much larger states such as California and Texas to take the number three spot in the company in 2017.  Andrew’s wife, Brittany Geotes, is an honors graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi, has won local and national awards with multiple companies, and has been featured in local magazines such as South Mississippi Living and on the cover of Gulf Coast Woman.

– Free Agent Head-Shot

  • In marketing, professionalism and consistency are key!  We have strict marketing guidelines to ensure that when the public views a website, sign, card, etc., with the NextHome Simplicity logo, they are seeing consistent and professional looking marketing.  With that said, we offer free professional head-shots to all of our agents to ensure quality control.  We feel that each agent not only represents and reflects the NextHome Simplicity brand, but they also reflect on the other NextHome Simplicity agents.

– Training

  • We’ve noticed there is a lack of training in our local industry, and whether you are a new agent or a seasoned veteran of the industry, there is always something new to learn.  We offer multiple forms of training including NextHome videos by corporate staff members, a one-on-one mentor program for new agents, and classroom training.  NextHome Simplicity offers a large, comfortable classroom where we hold regular classes on topics relevant to our agents.  We discuss marketing, trends, negotiating, tech, and whatever else may be applicable to our industry or local market.

– BrokerSumo

  • Never worry about tracking down a paper check from a broker again!  BrokerSumo pays agents via ACH bank deposit and tracks all their transactions, fees, etc.

– Contests

  • Real estate agents are typically competitive by nature, so we have designed multiple contests to spark creativity, camaraderie, fun, and a tad bit of competitiveness between our agents.

– Sound Resistant Video Room and Phonebooth 

  • Video is not just “trending”, it’s the future.  Facebook stated that its platform will be 100% video based within the next 5 years.  We also know that social media pages and websites that offer video content get seen more and ranked higher by Google, Facebook, etc.  We developed a 1-3 person sound resistant video room with professional lighting and multiple mechanical options to help Simplicity agents shoot video.

– Free Automated Agent Email Signature

  • Again, in marketing, consistency and professionalism are key!  We offer all of our agents a free automated professional looking email signature.

agent signature


– Free Social Media Marketing

  • We believe in investing our resources and time into our agents.  When our agents do something fantastic such as: win a contest, close a deal, get an awesome review, or get a property under contract quickly, we want the world to know about it!  We POST – POST – POST about our agents to boost their credibility, visibility and increase their overall recognition in the marketplace.


– Discounted Real Estate Photography and Matterport 3D Virtual Tours with UZZI Media

  • Andrew and Brittany Geotes own UZZI Media and offer discounted real estate photography to NextHome Simplicity agents.  UZZI Media offers all the latest real estate photography tools such as Matterport 3D virtual tours, drone, and more.  See some of UZZI’s work on Facebook or at .

uzzi media banner


– Payment Options with Local Staging Companies

  • NextHome Simplicity has negotiated a great deal with a local staging company to assist our sellers with not only staging vacant homes, but also helping sellers organize and declutter primary or secondary homes.

– Mentor Program

  • Here at NextHome Simplicity, we want nothing but the best agents representing our brand and our other agents.  We’re only hiring committed, driven real estate agents, preferably with experience.  If an agent is not experienced, we offer a mentor program where the agent can shadow one of our top producing agents to learn contracts, negotiations, and NextHome technology.

– Modern and Luxurious Office Space

  • Our office has both simple modern lines and luxurious mixed media materials/furnishings.  It offers multiple, unique features that cater to the modern real estate agent and help increase productivity.  As mentioned before, we believe in investing in our agents and one of the many ways we have done this is by offering an impressive office space that agents can feel comfortable and confident in.  Some of the features our office provides are: a sound resistant phone booth and video room, a comfortable lounge with lap desks, a multi-purpose classroom, private and shared offices, lockers, a luxurious conference room, and much more.

– Rent-able Office Space or a Free Locker, and Open Sitting Area

  •  Many modern real estate offices across the country no longer offer “private office space” and instead prefer large open spaces with multiple work areas.  Another trend that’s becoming more and more popular are virtual offices with no office at all.  In fact, there is a NextHome office called “NextHome Virtual”, where the broker does not have a “brick and mortar” office.  We decided for South Mississippi, a combination of all 3 types of brokerages is exactly what we needed.  We have both private and shared office space, a large open floor-plan with lockers for those who do not visit the office consistently, and if an agent prefers to be virtual, our cloud based technology offers agents the ability to never step foot into the office.

– Agent Splits & Leads

  • We offer multiple commission plans designed to help agents grow their business.  Our commission plans are designed for agents who are ready to hit the ground running, or who have high levels of experience and just want a great split.
  • Our leads come from several sources including Zillow,, NextHome, and Andrew and Brittany’s own personal listings.  We capture an immense amount of leads each day, which are dispersed to agents via our CRM.  The leads that are not quickly captured are followed up with and consistently called by our ISA, until contact is made.  Once the ISA captures the lead, it is dispersed to one of our agents.



Want to know more? 

Call or email our office manager for more information, or to set an appointment to visit our office and speak with the broker.

Andrew Geotes, Broker/Owner

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Brittany Geotes Broker Associate / Owner

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